Effervescent Event Reviews

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Meditation 101 : The class was amazing! I have taken this class with you before at 2.5 hrs. The longer class is just as amazing as what you did with this one! I had moments where I remembered the first class and the teachings and it helped it all come full circle. As this class was only 1 hr it definitely felt quick! However your explanation of everything was clear and totally resonated with me! The only thing that would be better in my opinion is longer time to actually practice the techniques to help them solidify in everyone’s practice. That being said I understand that’s not possible in the allotted time frame and the experience was 100% fully felt! Now speaking from a newbies perspective that may have never meditated before, I feel like my head would be spinning a bit from so much information. An idea that I feel would help me, is if it would be possible to send out a letter prior to class with some basic information for them to take to their individual practice and retain some of the information afterwards. That way during the 1hr class you can review at the beginning and the students wouldn’t have to worry about taking notes and can practice fully in the moment. Just a thought 🙏 thank you again!

Meditation 101 : Great job, Aubrey! I learned that the purpose isn’t to empty the mind as much as focus on one thing. Very helpful for me. Loved the taste of different meditative approaches. I understand it better. I have usually used meditation to put me to sleep, but there is so much more. I’m sure you do this, but as a public speaker, it helps to rewatch your video so you can tweak your presentation. You will know what to change–your gut will tell you. You want some personalization and stories but not rambling. I thought you kept the balance of that and were conscious of time. Thanks for the tip of “Insight Timer.” I’ve downloaded it but haven’t used it yet. You definitely have a great video appeal–you are warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and you LOOK healthy. Keep it up! Namaste.

Meditation 101 : Appreciated getting the session’s outline prior to the live stream! Also liked the tips: rice bags and rolling up blanket for diaphragmatic breathing. Very clear instruction –instructor really knows her stuff and is enthusiastic.

Meditation 101 : Keep up the great work. I am grateful for you sharing your learning and knowledge in a positive, encouraging, fun way.

Yoga Electrified – Yoga 4 Ravers : This class was so much fun! I loved the music.

Yoga Electrified – Yoga 4 Ravers : I loved it, I hope someday I can learn to teach a class like you! You have a special talent for bringing energy and happiness into the room!

Embodied Time Management – The Empowered Female Flow : I loved this course!!! I felt like I was gifted so much knowledge and Aubrey did so well with keeping me interested and tuned in. I have never met my cycle in this way, and I’m empowered to do so. Thank you, Aubrey!!! So much love!

Embodied Time Management – The Empowered Female Flow : When Aubrey taught me about Embodied Time Management, I was fascinated by the idea. It seemed like a very pragmatic way to think about how my body — namely my cycle — impacted the decisions I made in my day to day life. It’s a simple way of framing that mind-body connection and it made a HUGE difference for me. It also validated what I’d already been thinking and feeling during those times of my cycle. Some of the biggest decisions of my life have been made using this strategy, and I highly recommend every menstruating person at least learn about Embodied Time Management and try it out for themselves.

Embodied Time Management – The Empowered Female Flow : There are very few practices and pieces of knowledge that I can truly say have changed my life. I use this EVERY DAY! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to deepen their relationship to themselves as a feminine human ❤

Embodied Time Management – The Empowered Female Flow : It brought some clarity for me in an area I was definitely struggling with! Thank you!