Shadow Work Guidance

In-Person & Online

1::1 Guidance or Group Class (Circle Work)

1:1 Initial Consultation: $30 for 30 minutes (Contact Me to Book)

Required Text (Audio Only)

We will move through this audio book-club style, covering and discussing 1 chapter/week.

How can learning the language of archetypes help with your shadow work?

An archetype is an unconscious program of human behavior.

Each archetype has “light” and “shadow” qualities, and the different fragments that make up your shadow have their own unique voices (recurring tapes they play in your head).

Learning the language of archetypes enables you to identify which aspect of your shadow is in control and when. This awareness allows you to depersonalize your programming and enables you to change unwanted behavior patterns.

Coaching Goals:
Decode unconscious programs of human behavior
Identify your main 12 archetypal patterns
Learn to modify behavior through depersonalization of your programming

Upcoming Group Class (Circle Work): January 20-February 24th