She-Power Retreat Testimonials

The following are anonymous testimonials from our post-event survey.

I flew in from Washington, DC to Dallas for Aubrey’s “Remembering Your She-Power Retreat” not quite knowing what to expect, as I had never attended anything like this before. I am not really a hippie woo-woo kind of person. I’m a lawyer, who was definitely more comfortable with masculine energies, not having a whole lot of close female friends and not really well in touch with my emotions or cyclical, feminine nature. By the end of the weekend, I found myself getting vulnerable and holding space for a group of beautiful women who started as strangers on Friday, but became sisters by Sunday. Aubrey was an absolute goddess of a facilitator, who masterfully transformed us all from the inside out, helping us learn how to transform and release through movement, dance, meditation, yoga, and self-inquiry. Again, these are not things I normally do, nor am I totally comfortable with, but Aubrey created an atmosphere of trust that allowed me to open up. You do not have to be a yogi, hippie, or feminist to get something out of this; you just have to be an open-minded person with a vagina. Any woman can benefit from this; actually, every woman NEEDS this. Honestly, the first evening’s opening dance was worth the cost of my airfare ALONE. I look forward to learning more from Aubrey and hope to take more of her retreats in the future.

The word “empowered” is such an understatement for how I feel after this beautiful weekend. Aubrey brought me to a point where I truly remembered who I am and why I’m here. Which, I was already discovering but through dance, yoga, meditation and the practice of self love my ego was completely stripped away and I was left raw and completely my Self. This has been such a life changing experience that I will never forget. Never again will I go unseen.

This retreat exceeded my expectations. The venue was easy to reach yet gorgeously remote. The practice and content were beyond my comfort zone but encouraged and stretched me to grow in a way I had not expected. The content was eye opening and value added for me. The ability to connect with other women in a unique retreat was hands down the best part of the entire weekend.

This retreat was exhilarating for me! I went with hesitation and anxiety and left with clarity, an open hear, and new sisters. I would do this retreat again in a heart beat! So much love and space to grow and feel heard and seen.

Informative for sure

Re-connecting with ourselves is challenging in our very fast-paced lives. But at this retreat, time is made to check-in with oneself emotionally and physically through movement-by dancing, yoga, walking and swimming. Sitting by a fire, absorbing the moments, makes you want to hold onto the time as long as possible. Great event and just what I needed to shift into a more mindful life. Thank you Aubrey!

This was one of the best things I’ve ever done as an adult and I’m so glad I did. I was able to process some things that were hang ups to my spiritual progress. It really helped me to step outside of myself and see myself with compassion and acceptance. I also loved the comradery and honesty of the other women there. It confirmed for me that really, we are all the same; just with different life experiences and DNA. I loved the frank discussions we had about life and the poignant questions that were used for introspection. Lastly, I loved the atmosphere that Aubrey creates. Her energy and vulnerability is disarming and contagious. I feel so blessed by this experience!

Being able to open up in a safe environment with my soul sisters was icing on the cake for me. No judgment, no fixing. Just listened to and actually felt heard with compassionate open hearts changed my view on how we are all connected.

I came to this retreat not appreciating or loving the woman I was. With Aubrey’s guidance and the community of amazing women who were also in attendance, I realized how proud I am of myself, and how deserving I am of my own love. I left feeling empowered, strong, full of joy, and free!

A wonderful, insightful retreat. It was well managed, balanced and the connection with others was outstanding, in a beautiful location.

I feel people should attend The She Power retreats so women can unite together in a non judgmental environment to remember their power and worth! I loved learning information about our cyclic nature and to be able to start applying it to my daily life and share the information with my children. Also, we were able to get out of our comfort zones and go deeper within and get connected with an amazing group of women while getting connected back to ourselves and nature.

Powerful!! Life Changing! I highly recommend the Remembering Your She-Power Retreat! It Brings Women closer together!!

I cannot express enough how truly empowering this weekend has been! Since I’ve know her for these many years, Aubrey has always exuded a zest for life. I consider it a blessing to have been able to absorb some of her DYNAMIC energy and learn some of her most treasured practices. I honestly believe Every. Single. Woman. needs to attend and experience this event. More than that- we owe it to ourselves and our daughters and granddaughters to pass on this consciousness! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Aubrey!

Great escape and way to get in touch with yourself

The She Power Retreat is an empowering weekend full of opportunities for self inquiry, self development, self awareness, life lessons, gathering tools, and meeting new people. And also to get away as a woman and/or a Mom.

This retreat was very nourishing for me. The dance Aubrey led was especially powerful in bringing out some unresolved emotional trauma I wasn’t aware was still stored in my body. The music was very well crafted, and the instruction came from a super embodied place. I felt held and guided through the process. Her instruction in yoga felt rich, personal and creative. Once of the best classes I’ve taken (and I’ve taken many). The retreat gave a lot of room for self-reflection, community, self discovery and nourishment. I felt free to be me completely.