Why I Love Teaching at Festivals

Teaching a group at Music Festivals is my happy place.  It’s where I spread the most fairy dust and can help the most people at one time.  

I have been attending music festivals annually since 2003.  I have been a dance instructor for +20 years and yoga instructor +15.  Because of my dance experience, I use music uniquely in yoga classes to help evoke different emotional states for mental, emotional and spiritual healing.  Music festivals are an experience of their own.  Through dancing to your favorite musicians, your body starts to unlock and release dis-ease…initiating healing off all kinds.

Knowing this, I feel deeply called to help music festival attendees support the internal shift that can happen at these events through grounding them in their bodies and their breath.  With each practice, I intentionally enable participants with tools to elevate their experience through conscious connection to the breath and engagement of particular muscles that encourage physical presence. 

The mind is tricky and I want every attendee to milk as much joy out of the festival as possible.  So tools for grounding in the body to avoid getting lost in one’s head, can be THE THING that someone needs to truly experience the full magic available.

I would love to branch out to new festivals across the South.  Check me out in action below.

If you dig my vibe, I would love to play a part in the unfolding of your next production.  If given the chance, I commit to being a valuable asset to the community.  Click HERE to contact me.