Yoga Testimonials

From weekly classes to festivals and special events – see what people are saying about Aubrey and her yoga classes!

There is something magnetic about Aubrey Warren. Correction- there’s are some things about Aubrey that cause people to want to be in her space. The main thing is authenticity. Whether it’s on the yoga mat or any class, Aubrey mixes her personal experience with expert knowledge with practical applications and makes others feel and know that what she’s teaching is truly beneficial. Another characteristic is joy. Not fake smiling, though. She allows very raw emotion in when it’s needed and appropriate and still finds a bright spot. Trust and respect go hand in hand with Aubrey and she GIVES both of them first. As a result, others give the trust and respect back and meaningful conversations, whether painful or joyful, can take place in a safe space. Everyone’s lives are enhanced because of what Aubrey brings to this universe. I’m grateful to have met her! In terms of events, I have never been disappointed or felt something was missing. She is extremely professional and still adds personal touches to events from journey dance to her women’s retreats and as my wedding officiant. I always set my expectations high and Aubrey consistently exceeds them! Kai McIntosh Smith (2020)

Hey Aubrey, it has been a while since I last practiced yoga with you in your classes. After I moved out of Texas, I didn’t keep up with my regular practice for about a year and a half. I started back up again in January and I’ve practiced every day since. I wanted to share some fun news that I can finally transition from plank to cobra without belly flopping! Every time I went through the motions, I vividly remembered your encouragement to find my strength, but I would always belly flop during your class. This week, I realized that I can maintain control for the transition, and I have you to thank. I always think about those kind words of encouragement you gave me when I move from plank to cobra in my current practice. I believe it gives me the inspiration and motivation to try a little bit harder and to not give up so easily. Reflecting on how I got started on this journey, I am so grateful to you for the patience and energy you shared with me to help me find my connection to myself. Anyways, I love seeing your posts about your family and updates about your own personal growth – you are an inspiration and role model from half a country away. I hope you have a wonderful, rejuvenating weekend. Jean Mei Wang (2021)

Aubrey is a wonderful experienced teacher whose enthusiasm and joy shine through and makes all of her classes fun and worthwhile.  In addition to multiple hatha yoga classes over the years, I have also attended her classes for charity fund raising (such as toys for tots and women’s shelters) and some of her specialty classes.  Her Meditation for Beginners led you through three different styles of meditation and then gave you practice time and journaling time to discuss your experience.  I also attended a couple Flight School Yoga classes where arm balances were taught, enabling me to get my feet off the ground for the first time.  Highly recommended.  Join her when you can. Bob Ferry, RYT 200 (2020)

I think of you every day and am so grateful I had you for several years as my Yoga instructor. You are the best in all my 67 years of life and when I do my daily YOGA or PIYO I wish it were you doing the instructor DVDs.  Jackie Deaner (2020)

I attended a Yoga Class by Aubrey Monk at an Ecstatic Dance in Dallas, and it was exactly what this old and doctor-damaged body needed. Her energy is infectious, her knowledge of yoga is immense, and her patience with me was deeply appreciated. She enabled me to avoid slowing down the class. Highly recommended. Daryl Sprout 2018

I met Aubrey at a beautiful event yoga workshop at Middlelands. After a long long night of dancing and moving my body her calming voice and serene presence brought me back to life. I did a yoga session with her early in the morning and the rest of my day I felt refreshed and ready to hit the dance floor again. It’s so nice to have a guide like Aubrey she emits genuine good vibes and truly cares about the people she teaches. I continue to follow her and hope to catch her at another event in the future. Karly Aguirre (2018)

Yoga with Aubrey is the greatest experience. She is incredibly in tune with the varying needs of everyone in her class and differentiates their experiences to meet those needs. She’s so knowledgeable of her craft and appeases all the senses for a whole body experience that makes her students feel completely relaxed and peaceful. Ashlee DeFillipes (2017)

Aubrey as an instructor, elevated my festival experience to an even more spiritual level. I recommend to anyone to take the time to wake up a little early and get the day started with festie yoga because it helped so much with relieving the achy muscles, clearing the mind, and getting the body ready for the whole day ahead! Aubrey’s class was my first yoga class and because of her it will not be my last! Gabby Vasquez (2019)

I have enjoyed getting back into shape physically after our twins birth with Aubrey’s help. She listened to my needs and supported me emotionally. Thanks! Eszter (11/2020)

I met Aubrey 5 years ago? She was my Yoga instructor at Fitness 2000. I had previously taken a class with another instructor whom was about 4”11.😂 I didn’t like it, I am 5’10 and by the time my hands reached the floor everyone was back up. I saw a video of an elderly lady that had a lot of spine problems and doing Yoga saved her. She literally was walking like someone 30 years younger. I gave it another go. I have a daily pain from scoliosis. Aubrey was my new instructor and so much better. She went slower, she made sure I was doing the moves right, consistently straightening my hips or pushing my shoulders to the floor.
Fitness 2000 was a drive for me, but I’m so glad I went. What she taught me benefitted me for life. I very rarely have a day without yoga if some sort.. if I skip a day I hurt. It truly changed a portion of my life. Thanks Aubrey!
Kelly Granburg (11/8/2020)

I tried yoga a couple of times and was uninspired. I continued to go to the gym and one day tried yoga again. Aubrey walked in to teach and I immediately connected to her light and spirit and was hooked on yoga. Classes were fun, I learned a lot and could not wait for the next class. Emotionally I found a purpose for yoga and on many occasions during shavasana a few tears ran down my face and it was relief that I felt! Not many teachers in any workout affect people that way! Lisa Gonser-Alexander (11/9/2020)

Your class was exactly what I needed today- it’s like you were speaking to me and it went straight to my heart in such a cleansing way. I’m a pretty composed person but I almost started crying in the midst of the session where we were opening our hearts and thinking of others. Though I haven’t been practicing with you a long time, it’s been during a pivotal point in my life. I just want to thank you for your inspiration and positive energy you always give to your class, and that I have soaked into my heart. You are truly a gift to others. Gwen Baldwin (8/25/15)

I used to take your yoga class at 24 hr in Southlake until I moved to Fort Worth a couple years ago. I really miss your class. I’ve tried lots of places in Fort Worth and haven’t found anyone with the same energy! Rebekah Tapper (9/22/15)

I have been practicing yoga for over 40 years, and Aubrey is up there in my top 3 teachers of all times.  I always leave her classes feeling refreshed, renewed, and a little more balanced and serene.  My life as been enriched by this vibrant and authentic lady! Suzanne Sublette (8/27/15)

Aubrey inspired me in my journey to yoga school in 2013! Jennifer Long (2020)

Your yoga classes were inspirational for me! I got healthy in body, mind, and spirit after a tumultuous dissertation process in part because of you. I carried that healing process into both of my miscarriages and my 9-mo long recovery process, post virus (from something I caught in Costa Rica, not Covid). I had the tools to recover faster postpartum this year because of you. I also had Glennon Doyle and Liz Gilbert and Brene Brown on my side, guiding me through all of these difficult processes, but their guidance led me to yoga which led me to you. Stephanie Peebles Tavera (2020)

You are a blessing, Aubrey. Your yoga class at Backwoods was one of the best classes I’ve ever attended. Angeline Karigan-Winter (2020)

You inspire me to reach for my dreams of becoming a yoga instructor and traveling the world doing it. Mae Boyington (2020)

Best Yoga teacher I’ve ever had!! Tricia L Behnk McCoy (2020)

I’ve seen you at one festival (wakaan) and followed you on fb YouTube ever since!! Literally love your positivity and yoga of course. Austin Calder (2020)

I miss you and your smile and hugs. Really miss power yoga!!  Got me through some blue times for sure! Deanne Wagner (2020)

You lead my first ever yoga session at Middlelands! I never knew how good yoga felt before then! William Leidig (2020)

You are the reason I kept coming back to yoga. The reason I have grown into the person I am right now in this moment. Your energy, your passions, your desires as a Vinyasa yoga teacher inspired me during a time in my life that was heavy and hard. Steffanie Brown (2020)

You are my Angel. You are one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out. I remember your yoga classes you taught at Women’s Fitness. You were so gentle and encouraging. Nova Doyle Wall (2020)