Fitness & Supplements

Supplements and programs aren’t necessary for the wellness journey, but they sure make it easier!  Finding the right tools can take a challenging task and make it manageable.  And in regards to nutrition, QUALITY is KEY!

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And let’s face it.  Life is BUSY!  Going to the gym is awesome, but simply taking the time to drive there and back can easily eat 30 minutes of your day.  Time is our most precious resource, so getting it done quickly at home is valuable for us busy folk. 

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I became a fitness professional in July 2003.  I managed gyms, corporate wellness centers and taught group fitness for years.  After becoming a mom, I wanted to be more present for my kids.  I never went back to gym management, but I yearned for a way to help support my family and challenge my intellect.  

I became a Beachbody Coach in 2010.  I talk to people about their wellness goals, align them with the tools to make it easier and then hold them accountable.  It’s that simple.  

Studies show that we are more successful if we surround ourselves with like-minded people.  You don’t have to do it alone!  We have an on-line community called #TheButterflyEffect.  We share our successes and struggles together.


It’s the small, seemingly unimportant decisions that we make every day that shape our reality.  Eating clean and daily movement is the foundation of feeling good, so it needs to easily fit into your day.

Check out some of #TheButterflyEffect transformations below!  But remember, the pictures are just an outward manifestation of the shifts we made on the inside!  

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