Laying the Ground Work

Hello friend!  I’m so happy you’re here.  Honestly, it feels like I’ve been building up to this moment for a long time.  Maybe we’ve known each other forever or maybe we’re just meeting.  It doesn’t matter, but I feel compelled to start at the beginning.

When I was a little girl, I found myself trying to write a book many times.  The only problem was, I didn’t have anything to say.  Then after finally having enough life experience to feel I had something to share, kids happened and I started a home-based business.  I’ve restarted my book so many freaking times.  Maybe I’ll complete it someday.  Maybe I won’t.  Regardless, I’m ready to build this relationship and share my heart and soul along the way.

But first….let’s lay the ground work….

I’m not afraid to admit – I’m complicated.   I’m deep and spiritual, and fuck is one my favorite words.  So, if you get offended by cussing and bluntness, maybe we weren’t meant to be friends and that’s okay.  However, I pride myself on openness and vulnerability, so I hope you’re ready to get real and get raw.  No bullshit, surface-level conversations here.


My family is my world.  I’ve been married to Jacob, my best friend, for nearly 15 years.  We’ll celebrate our anniversary in June and we have 2 young boys.  Nyjah is 10 and Kaleif is 8.  Motherhood is a trip in a half, so you’ll be hearing a lot about being a mom of 2 boys with learning differences.  Maintaining our marriage has taken a lot of work and I’m excited to share with you all of the ups and downs as I believe we can learn through other people’s experiences.

But I’m just going to put this out there from the beginning….

I’ve been intrigued by human sexuality since childhood.  (No, I’ve never been sexually abused in this lifetime.)  I grew up watching “Talk Sex with Sue-Jo Hansen” and “Love Line” with Dr. Drew.  The conversation has always fascinated me and it’s served me well in my marriage.  Maintaining a hot, sensual relationship is foundational for us and I’m not shy in discussing details.  That said….please know that when I choose to open up about my sexual history or previous recreational drug-use, that is in NO WAY an invitation for sexual or crude advancements.  I share to help other women, not to turn on men.  Period.

I learned at a young age that setting boundaries and being cautious about who you let into your inner circle is not only wise, but healthy; thus I never hesitate to “weed my garden” of people when necessary.  So please, don’t be one of those people.  I’ll be open.  I’ll share probably way too much.  I pride myself on being an open book, but let’s be respectful.

Deal?  Ok, good.

So….are you ready to go on a journey together of joy, growth and self-discovery?  I hope so, because we’re just beginning.

Until next time….

~ Peace, Love & Fairy Dust ~


2 Replies to “Laying the Ground Work”

  1. Love love love!!! I have always had admiration for you!! Its evolved into ao much more!! I LOVE HOW REALLY REAL YOU ARE!!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE AN ALL THAT YOU GIVE!!! 😉 Im ready to enjoy this journey…. BABYSTEPS for me but in time leaps an bounds!!… Appreciatingly Cass

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