Ode to Mother Earth

Ode to Mother Earth

Dear Mama Gaia
It’s Earth Day today
I open my heart
To find a new way

You speak to us now
We hear your great call
A virus among us
A mystery to solve
Of faces forgotten
Her stories untold
To generations who need them
It’s time to be bold

So, here I am today
Telling Her stories
Calling Her by name
And reveling Her glory
Of wholeness
And darkness
Of grace and light
Some dance in the shadows
Some live to shine bright

No matter the name
She embodies them All
So, do you, my dear
No need to act small

To the Mother we all know
Who gave birth to the Christ
Oh Mary, please teach me
I could use your advice
You are pure
Graceful and loving
I feel safe in your arms
I invoke you when cuddling
My children
My husband
Your unconditional love flows
I feel grounded and strong
I need not repose

To Isis, Sweet Sister
And Mother of my Soul
Your beauty abounds
And reveals the role
Of lover
And Priestess
All danced in unison
I feel blessed to witness
Your wisdom and grace
Revealed in my dreams and my heart
Your story’s complex
And I’m playing my part
In legends twisted
Misunderstood and feared
Of cults and covens
Glossed over by years
Of pictures all painted
By those who wish
To maintain His position
Who won’t flip the switch
Of power
We need balance!
It’s Unity we crave!

So, I call upon Lilith
It’s time to be brave!
Both Goddess and daemon
It depends who you ask
Man who yearns for a partner
Will only grasp
The magic and bliss
That comes from that power
Of sexual union
He need not cower
To Her love
Her lust
Her primal passion
Lay down, let her ride you
Like it’s going out of fashion
I put on Her face
And let my confidence rise
The world is changing
We need not reprise
The past, the fear
Of being cast out
By God, by Heaven
I’ll stand up and shout
The books were all changed
Her stories construed
But it’s time to move on
We need not be rude

But honestly,
The face I yearn most to tell
Was painted a whore
But now we rebel
Mary Magdalene, sweet sister
Your legend disgraced
By those wanting to dominate
The whole human race
The Patriarch has stood
But He need not fall
That’s not what She wants
She cries – Unity for all

To Kali, Dark Mother
I call upon you often
To bun up my hate
And embrace your destruction
To birth a new age
An old age must die
And it’s the Goddess we need
I’ll stop telling lies
Of weakness
Mistrust and pain
My words are magic
I won’t use them in vain

So today, sweet Gaia
I honor you now
Of all the faces you’ve worn
And we all need to know how
To feel and be free
To dance this new dance
With empowered women
Embracing our Divinity
Mother Earth still has a chance.

Sisters, now is the time to embrace all your faces. Gaia needs you in your humble power. Happy Earth Day. ❤ Aubrey, The Fairy Godmother

2 Replies to “Ode to Mother Earth”

  1. I love this poem. I’m telling you girl, I’m learning a lot through watching you. Reading this poem was just, wow!! Aubrey you’re so talented!!! Love it want more of it..


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