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Have you felt called to do some shadow work, but don’t know where to start?

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How can learning the language of archetypes help with your shadow work?

An archetype is an unconscious program of human behavior.

Each archetype has “light” and “shadow” qualities, and the different fragments that make up your shadow have their own unique voices (recurring tapes they play in your head).

Learning the language of archetypes enables you to identify which aspect of your shadow is in control and when. This awareness allows you to depersonalize your programming and enables you to change unwanted behavior patterns.

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Want a Stronger Core?

Your core is your largest major muscle group.  Increasing your core strength improves your posture and raises your resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn sitting still).


  • Online Lecture + workout (core-focused yoga practice) + guided relaxation (90 minutes)
  • To improve the effectiveness of your workouts
  • Improve your core strength, breath capacity, and spinal range of motion


  • Knowledge and awareness regarding the anatomy of the core, including the muscles involved in breathing
  • Expierence how knowing the function of each muscle improves your ability to engage and activate your core
  • Practice time & instruction (a core-focused yoga practice)

Cost: $7

1.5 Non-Contact CEUs available for Registered Yoga Teachers upon request ($5 additional certificate fee)

Yoga Form & Alignment

Ready to Start Your Yoga Practice?

Jump start your results with this 90-minute online class.

Focus: The Sun Salutation & Warrior poses


  • Knowledge and understanding of proper form and alignment of basic yoga postures to help you avoid injury and maximize your results
  • Time to practice in a slow-flow format (Meaning, this IS still a yoga practice!)
  • Confidence to walk into a Hatha or Vinyasa yoga class and not feel like a dork

Equipment Needed:  A yoga mat, blanket, yoga brick (optional)

Cost: $7

1.5 RYT CEUs available per request ($5 fee)

Flight School Play-shop

Dragon Fly

Take your yoga practice to the next level in this 1-hour playful yoga practice.

This isn’t for beginners!  Crow Pose is a prerequisite.

Learn how to approach arm balances and inversions safely and intelligently and have FUN while doing it!

Receive the gift of freedom, joy and euphoria that comes from trusting in your own strength and having the courage to embody yourself fearlessly!

Will you fall?  Probably!   But when we approach postures mindfully we learn from the process…and falling is a part of the game.

Reduce your risk of injury through a more mindful approach to your practice.

Exact poses and time spent on arm balances/inversions will greatly depend on the skill-levels and requests of participants

Needed equipment: Yoga mat, 2 Yoga blocks (suggested)

Workshop Price:  $7

Ravers love vibing HIGH, and so does Aubrey!

This ain’t no boring yoga class!  Its a mixed level Vinyasa-style yoga class to kick ass Electronic Dance Music.

Learn breath practices and stretches guaranteed to bring relief to any wook!

Is it a rave?  Is it a festival?  Is it church?  YES!

Different postures and movement meditations are used to help move stagnant, negative energies out of the body to experience greater levels of joy.  Music is used intentionally to aid in the facilitation of this process.

Aubrey has and infectious enthusiasm for dance, asana and life that is palpable. She’s been attending raves and music festivals for the past 20 years, so she knows what’s needed to help balance and ground the body before or after raging all night!

Come feel the magic yourself!

Appropriate for all skill levels.

Needed equipment:  Yoga mat, Yoga block (suggested)

Workshop Price:  $7

Ladies, does your cycle cause issues in your relationships?  Stop creating the same drama in your life and find your most Empowered Flow through embracing your cyclical nature!

In this 1-hour informational workshop, we discuss the mythology of the female experience and how it’s evolved over time; the female life-cycles, our menstrual cycles and how our hormones affect our moods and relationships.

Learn how to harness your weekly superpowers by becoming more mindful and in tune with your body.  Learn how to schedule your to-do list for maximum flow potential and get more done while improving your personal relationships.

If you have a menstrual cycle, you want this info!  Be ready to take notes!

Workshop Price:  $7