Birthing Effervescent Events

As we sat at our camp at Backwoods Music Festival 2019, someone used the word “effervescent” to describe my personality and energy.

I was playing the role of Workshop Coordinator and yoga instructor, while Jacob was my right hand man – in charge of all the sound equipment.

Jacob is a remote worker in the telecom industry. He has no office in which he must show face. And so….over the past few years we have created a vision for our lives as empty-nesters. When the boys fly the nest, we want to liquidate everything, buy a kick ass RV and travel the USA for a couple years.

Nothing fills our hearts more than serving at music festivals. Festi people are our people. Music Festivals are home to us.

When the boys are gone, we plan to bounce from festival to festival – all across the nation! Jacob will continue to work as I drive the RV. Our destinations will be determined by the festivals that book me or us.

And so….

When Will Royall and Sebastian Schulze, producers for Backwoods Music Festival, approached me about their separate business, PromoTix & PromoStream, it felt like a step in the right direction.

Will informed me that PromoStream was wanting to offer classes via their new platform, and because of our relationship with Backwoods, he knew I had skillz. 😉 He said I was his go-to yoga instructor and presented me with an opportunity to take my teaching online.

Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to say “yes,” because I’ve been hyper-focused on birthing my book. I didn’t want anything to slow the progress I’ve been making.

However, Jacob is always a voice of reason in my world. He reminded me that this platform would not only be a great fit to help with our long-term dream, but that a new author could use it as a way to continue serving her readers once the book is published. There are sooooo many mini trainings waiting to be birthed from the content flowing into my book.

And so….

We decided to take the first step in making our dreams a reality. And thus, the birthing of Effervescent Events!

We bring the extra you’ve been craving!

Call it sparkle, faery dust, bubbles, whatever… The good vibes we bring are palpable and contagious!

From private classes and parties to music festivals, we’re your one-stop-shop for a mind-expanding, consciousness-elevating, joy-inspiring, soul-grounding kick ass event!

We bring the tech & facilitation. You get an experience you won’t soon forget.

Live & Virtual Classes, Workshops, & Events.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with PromoTix and PromoStream for our ticketing and online streaming needs. (Check out what they’re saying about us!)

Stream Dark @3x

Jacob and Aubrey Warren, the dynamic duo behind Effervescent Events, were married in 2003. When they met, Jacob was a hip-hop DJ and Aubrey was a Radio-TV-Film student at TCU, specializing in Casting.

Jake & Aub

Whether you’re looking for a class, workshop, party or a lineup of awesomeness – Aubrey has the energy, charisma, knowledge and connections to exceed your expectations.

Aubrey worked in TV commercial Casting until falling into fitness. She now has over 20 years of teaching experience and is a Registered Yoga Education Provider, teaching yoga teachers to be teachers. Aubrey is a Conscious Dance DJ, Ordained Minister, Female Empowerment Coach & Tantra Teacher.

Jacob has over 20 years of tech-related experience. He is the behind-the-scenes backbone of Effervescent Events. He makes sure Aubrey (and all the event facilitators) look and sound good!

Jacob and Aubrey have been attending music festivals throughout the duration of their two decade long relationship. It’s where they feel the most at home and themselves. It is their greatest joy to serve THIS community that has given us so many good vibes over the years.


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