The Diva Cup

Ladies, have you ever tried “The Diva Cup?”

I was all like…..eeeewww gross!!!…for the longest time.

And then I learned about the nasty chemicals that go into tampons.

WTF?!?! Why would I want to put chemicals in my delicate, precious places? 🌷🙀🙈 And then I learned it can take a tampon 400 HUNDRED years to decompose!

WTF?  Really?!?! And then I started to ask myself….how much do I really care about the environment?  Is it only when its convenient?

The first couple times I used the cup, I freaked out… I thought it got lost inside.  (Insert image of me on my back, legs spread with Jacob doing his own search!  Horrible and hilarious simultaneously!)

After practice, I learned that you can simply push it out.  Just use the muscles you would clench to push out a big poop.    Bear down, girlfriend!

And ta-da!  Out it comes!

Simply dump blood down the toilet, rinse it out and re-insert.  Done. Simple. No tampons to buy monthly.  Saves you money and Mama Earth.

I invested in 5 pairs of period panties off Amazon, too.  Its been over a year since I’ve spent a penny on my period.  (Score!)

That’s a win-win, I’d say!

Now, if you want to take it 1 step farther…

There’s “blood magic!”

I keep a watering can half filled next to the toilet during my period.  Instead of dumping my blood down the toilet, I add it to my watering can.  I then nourish all my plants.



Your menstrual blood has the highest percentage of stem cells naturally found on this planet….w crazy-healing properties!

Some people give themselves a facial w it….but I don’t go that far.  Right now, it’s crazy enough knowing the chard I put in my shakes was fed my blood.  I’ll stick to watering my plants for now.

Good luck!  If you decide to give any of this a try, let me know if you have any questions!

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