Jean Mei Wang

Hey Aubrey, it has been a while since I last practiced yoga with you in your classes. After I moved out of Texas, I didn’t keep up with my regular practice for about a year and a half. I started back up again in January and I’ve practiced every day since. I wanted to share some fun news that I can finally transition from plank to cobra without belly flopping! Every time I went through the motions, I vividly remembered your encouragement to find my strength, but I would always belly flop during your class. This week, I realized that I can maintain control for the transition, and I have you to thank.I always think about those kind words of encouragement you gave me when I move from plank to cobra in my current practice. I believe it gives me the inspiration and motivation to try a little bit harder and to not give up so easily. Reflecting on how I got started on this journey, I am so grateful to you for the patience and energy you shared with me to help me find my connection to myself. Anyways, I love seeing your posts about your family and updates about your own personal growth – you are an inspiration and role model from half a country away. I hope you have a wonderful, rejuvenating weekend.

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