Kai McIntosh Smith

There is something magnetic about Aubrey Warren. Correction- there’s are some things about Aubrey that cause people to want to be in her space. The main thing is authenticity. Whether it’s on the yoga mat or any class, Aubrey mixes her personal experience with expert knowledge with practical applications and makes others feel and know that what she’s teaching is truly beneficial. Another characteristic is joy. Not fake smiling, though. She allows very raw emotion in when it’s needed and appropriate and still finds a bright spot. Trust and respect go hand in hand with Aubrey and she GIVES both of them first. As a result, others give the trust and respect back and meaningful conversations, whether painful or joyful, can take place in a safe space. Everyone’s lives are enhanced because of what Aubrey brings to this universe. I’m grateful to have met her! In terms of events, I have never been disappointed or felt something was missing. She is extremely professional and still adds personal touches to events from journey dance to her women’s retreats and as my wedding officiant. I always set my expectations high and Aubrey consistently exceeds them!